Familes First Coronavirus Response Act


Families First Coronavirus Response Act


On March 18 Congress passed and the President signed, the new “Families First Coronavirus Response Act”. One element of the Act requires all employers, of any size, to post employee notice after enactment Notice of the benefits of the Act. 


“Effective for wages paid after April 2, 2020 all full time employees qualify for 80 hours of Federal paid sick leave at your full pay rate of up to $511 daily if you are ill, quarantined, been advised by a medical professional to self-quarantine or have symptoms for which you are seeking medical diagnosis, all from Covid-19. You also qualify for FMLA sick leave at up to 2/3 of your normal pay up to $200 daily for 12 weeks (of which 10 are paid) for caring for any individual under quarantine, isolation, etc., or because your child under 18’s school or daycare has been closed.

These rules apply to wages earned through December 31, 2020.”




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