Part-Time CFO Services

Do I need a Part-Time CFO?

When you’re growing your business, you may find that you need financial advice from a professional. Although hiring a CFO or controller might feel like the next step, it’s not always affordable. The cost associated with hiring a full-time CFO can range from 60k to 100k per year to start! Instead, consider our Part-Time CFO Services. You’ll get a professional financial manager with the experience and expertise needed to guide your business to financial success at a fraction of the cost!

Choose CFO Services With 4Corner

When you choose Part-Time CFO services with 4Corner, you get:

  • More time to focus on your business, whether its new services, new customers, or other core business needs
  • More control of your money and fewer surprises with our assistance in helping you better understand the financial side of your company
  • A clear view of the hard and true numbers of your business so you can make more informed decisions
  • Assistance in clarifying your business plans through your readily available sounding board
  • Peace of mind knowing you have a professional on your side to oversee, protect, and improve your business finances
  • Establishment of strong financial controls to increase profits and reduce potential employee theft
  • Management and training of your accounting staff
  • Improvement in the quality of financial information
  • Monitoring and preparation of your budget
  • Analysis of profitability by service or product line
  • Trend analysis
  • Strategies for saving on your taxes
  • Assistance in the quantification of goals and defining long-range plans
  • A liaison to communicate with bankers, vendors, attorneys, insurance agents, and more
  • Cash management
  • Assistance in obtaining financing from banks, as well as help with negotiations
  • Insurance policy review and negotiation
  • Company accounting procedure manual development
  • Analysis of equipment purchases, expansions, etc.
  • Assistance in mergers and acquisitions
  • Custom collection policies and procedures, designed just for you

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