Set The Record Straight With 4Corner

When the IRS or state tax agency informs you of problems, or when your tax filing was inaccurate, 4Corner is on your side. Our Denver tax team works with you to amend incorrect returns, pay back taxes, and organize paperwork in the face of an audit. No matter the scenario or the complexity of the problem, we are your ally.

IRS Tax Relief

If you’ve received a notice from the IRS and didn’t address the problem soon enough, you may be facing fines, penalties, and interest along with the taxes you already owe! This might sound like a nightmare, but with the help of 4Corner it doesn’t have to be.

IRS & State Audit Representation

Just the thought of going through a tax audit makes most taxpayers cringe. If you are concerned about being audited or you know you will be audited, don’t hesitate to secure representation from a qualified tax professional at 4Corner to minimize your tax liability.

Non-Filed Tax Returns

Failing to file your tax returns is a criminal offense. If you’ve failed to file, no matter the reason, we will stand by you to navigate the process and make sure you are compliant with current tax laws. Address the issue before it’s too late with the help of 4Corner.

Back Taxes Owed

If you owe back taxes plus interest and penalties, it can feel like there is no way you will ever catch up! Even worse, if left unaddressed too long, the IRS can start taking action by seizing assets, property, and more. 4Corner can help find a solution and get you back on track.

Payroll Tax Problems

As a business owner, paying your payroll taxes is a big deal. If you don’t, your business may face penalties and aggressive action from the IRS that could shut your business down entirely. We can help you navigate your payroll tax problems with the IRS.

IRS Liens & Levies

When your taxes go unpaid for long enough, the IRS can establish a tax lien or levy to collect the money owed. At 4Corner, we are ready to take action to help you avoid enforced collection and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.

IRS Wage Garnishment

Are your wages being garnished by the IRS? Are you at risk for wage garnishment and just waiting for it to happen? Let 4Corner help you negotiate and arrange a payment plan so that you can keep more of your money to support you and your family.

IRS Seizures

An IRS seizure notice should not be taken lightly. If you have received a Notice of Demand for Payment and need assistance, contact 4Corner. We will help you set up an arrangement with the IRS so that you can resolve your tax bill and get out of tax debt.

IRS Payment Plan

If you are struggling to pay back taxes owed, you do have options. Rather than avoiding payment, consider an IRS payment plan. 4Corner can assist you in determining what kind of payment plan to apply for and the potential of removing tax penalties.

Offer In Compromise

If you would like to settle your tax debt for less than you owe, you may want to consider whether you are eligible for an Offer in Compromise. There are certain situations when the IRS will consider accepting an OIC. Let 4Corner help you navigate the process.

Innocent Spouse Relief

If your spouse has filed joint taxes incorrectly, you don’t have to be punished. The Innocent Spouse Relief rule protects spouses from paying penalties due to tax errors unknown to them by their partner. Let 4Corner help you pay only what you owe.

Get Your IRS File

If you need to obtain your IRS files to solve a tax problem, we recommend hiring a professional. Doing so on your own can bring you unwanted attention from the IRS. 4Corner knows how to get in and out without raising any red flags.

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