Payroll Tax Problems

Solve Your Payroll Tax Problems

As a business owner, there is much to consider when tax time comes along. One of the most vital tasks is ensuring that you pay payroll taxes. In the eyes of the IRS, failing to pay your company’s payroll taxes is comparable to stealing your employees’ money. This is a sort of “cardinal sin” to the IRS because a large portion of your payroll taxes is the employees’ withholdings. The penalties a business can face for failing to file payroll taxes on time and pay payroll taxes are more severe than many other kinds of penalties. In a very short time, they can dramatically increase the amount you will owe.

What To Do If You Are Behind On Payroll Taxes

Be warned that the IRS is particularly aggressive in pursuing the collection of payroll taxes. They have little mercy or hesitation in seizing business assets, selling those assets at auction, and letting your business shut down. The IRS will do whatever they can to prevent you from accumulating additional payroll tax liabilities.

Let 4Corner Handle The IRS

When you are behind on paying your payroll taxes, we do not recommend attempting to meet with the IRS alone. They will ask a series of questions, and the answer you give will direct them in their decision regarding what action will be taken. Certain answers could lead them to decide to essentially cause your business to shut down.

Choose 4Corner for Payroll Tax Problem Assistance

Hiring a 4Corner tax professional to represent you can be critical, as we know how the IRS operates. Don’t go it alone. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation so we can help you resolve your payroll tax problems as quickly as possible.