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Tax Due Dates

Tax Day falls on April 15th. Taxpayers have until this day to file a federal tax return, but you may also file an extension. When you file an extension, you have until October 15th to file your federal tax return. Taxpayers who are self-employed or independent contractors will pay quarterly taxes that are due on April 15th, June 15th, September 15th, and January 15th. Please visit the IRS website using the button below for access to your state’s tax information.

Record Retention Guide

As a taxpayer, there are different lengths of time you are required to keep a particular tax document. This depends on what that document is recording. Keeping copies of your tax returns is advisable, as it helps when preparing future tax returns. For the specific Period of Limitations on a particular document, visit the IRS website using the button below.

State Tax Forms

State tax forms contain information that taxpayers must fill out when filing their state income tax return. These documents are specific to each state. To learn more about your state’s specific requirements, visit the IRS website where you can find links to each state’s government website.

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